Career StoriesErik Rosin

Erik Rosin

When I want to relax

I go for a run or watch a movie.

My hobbies

Reading and different forms of exercise such as running, cross-country skiing, etc.

A weird fact about me

I have never seen the movie Titanic.

This is how I became a member of #avanceteam

I applied for a trainee position at Avance in the fall of 2017, during my second year of law school. I had first learned about Avance after visiting their office on a student visit in the spring of 2017. Having had a chance to discuss what it is like to work at Avance with both current trainees and lawyers, I decided to apply and was offered a traineeship. I have stayed on that course ever since.

Memorable moments during my career at Avance

There have been many memorable moments during my time at Avance. One of my favorite ones was when, as part of Avance’s 10-year celebrations we had the opportunity to go sailing in the archipelago outside of Helsinki. Another memorable moment was the long-awaited seminar combined with ski trip to Switzerland which took place in the spring of 2022.

I enjoy my time at Avance because

I have the opportunity to work on some of the most interesting projects in the Finnish market. Apart from the interesting projects, another big reason why I enjoy working at Avance is all the great people I have the pleasure to work with and the team spirit at our office, which I believe sets us apart from other law firms.

I want to work with M&A at Avance because

I believe Avance is the best place in the country for a young lawyer to develop his or her skills in the field of business law. The entire team at Avance is very driven yet extremely helpful and friendly, which I believe is key for the development of a young professional.

My typical day at work

Usually, my day at work involves several different tasks such as due diligence review, drafting and commenting agreements and other documents as well as attending meetings with clients and/or colleagues.

Some of my unusual days at work

All the days when we had some form of company event. The day we participated in “Yritysmaratonviesti” was certainly an atypical workday.

Tips & tricks: how to succeed as an Associate at Avance

I believe having an open mind and a can-do attitude are very important. A healthy measure of thinking “how hard can it be” also goes a long way.

One word to describe Avance would be