Career StoriesJenni Palomäki

Jenni Palomäki
Front Desk Assistant

When I want to relax

I spend time with my family preferably outside in the nature.

My hobbies

I run, do team sports, and read books.

A weird fact about me

I like observing people I don’t know and make up small stories about their life; where they are from, where they are going etc. Very weird but extremely entertaining!

This is how I became a member of #avanceteam

I have a strong background and several years of experience of working in the hospitality industry and have always gravitated towards working within the customer service field. By chance I came across Avance recruiting a front desk assistant and immediately felt like they were describing me in the job advertisement. I had no previous knowledge of Avance, as I had never thought of working in a law firm as an option, but after familiarising myself with the company and having two interviews with Avance, I felt like this was the place where I wanted to work. The interviews felt like I was talking to friends and that I could completely be myself. I was very excited when I got the job!

Memorable moments during my career at Avance

I would say memorable moments have been when I have been able to give our clients and guests a good customer service experience. This can come down to small things, but I feel like it’s those small details, and caring that make a difference. We have also had some amazing events at Avance, both internal and customer related, and taking part in them as well as more recently having the chance to participate in the planning and execution of them has been very memorable.

I enjoy my time at Avance because

The people at Avance are really what makes working here so great. We have a work community unlike anything I have ever come across before. I have amazing colleagues who are driven, enthusiastic, open, friendly, and helpful and that is contagious. I feel like even though my work is quite separate from others, I am still a valuable member at Avance.

I want to work with the support team at Avance because

I get to work with great colleagues, and I can plan my days and work quite independently. I also feel like my colleagues appreciate what I do and support me in my work.

My typical day at work

Every day is different and usually fast paced. My days consist of meeting related tasks from meeting invites to catering. I also assist in internal events which is very interesting. I also try to help our staff in anything that they might need related to the office facilities.

Some of my unusual days at work

I deal with unusual requests weekly. I think it’s actually quite special being the person people will often times turn to in anything they need, and I am happy to be able to make our busy lawyers’ days a little bit smoother.

Tips & tricks: how to succeed as a Front Desk Assistant at Avance

Willingness to help and caring about others. You must also enjoy working with different people, and hospitality must be your main priority in everything you do.

One word to describe Avance would be