Recruitment process

To attract the right kind of talent and to improve the candidate experience, we have defined a recruitment process that aims to keep candidates informed and engaged throughout the process:

1. Application and resume. Everything starts with us receiving your application.

2. Assessment and application review. We carefully go through all applications and strive to get back to you as soon as possible.

3. Interview process. If we proceed to the interview stage, you will meet a few colleagues from Avance at a time.

It is important that both you and we agree on proceeding in the recruitment process. There are usually 2 – 3 rounds of interviews in total. For us it is important that many of your potential future colleagues meet you and we also want to give you the opportunity to meet many people from Avance to gain a complete picture of us.

4. Reference check. We often call your reference contacts before making the final decision of recruitment (permanent positions).

5. Job offer and onboarding process. If everything goes well, we will make you an offer and hope that we can start a journey together!