Avance successfully represented a company in a court case related to environmental damage

Avance successfully represented a company providing energy solutions in a corporate crime case based on suspected environmental offence, and in related damages claims. The case was related to an oil leak causing damage to soil and a lake nearby.

During the trial, the extent and nature of the environmental damage, as well as the impact on the properties of landowners, were investigated. The level of the contamination of the soil, including the relevant reference figures related to various hazardous substances, were debated in the proceedings. We also presented extensive evidence on the refurbishment measures which our client had taken to correct the impact of the environmental damage, as well as on our client’s internal processes and guidelines related to environmental safety matters and especially the compliance with the environmental permit granted for the company’s operations. The evidence was duly evaluated by the court and found to support our argumentation as regards our client’s diligent and cautious conduct.

The District Attorney’s claim to impose corporate fine on our client was rejected by the Appeal Court, which dismissed the case in all respects with its final decision.

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