Selinda Näse receives Defensor Legis’ Authors’ Award

We are pleased to announce that Avance Partner Selinda Näse and professor emeritus Jarno Tepora at the University of Helsinki have received Defensor Legis’ Authors’ Award 2020 for their article on the validity of security in relation to release undertakings (in Finnish: Panttioikeuden pätevyys pantinsaajan sitoutuessa vapauttamaan pantin ennen vakuusvelan lakkaamista). The article was published in the issue 6/2020 of Defensor Legis, a law journal published by the Finnish Bar Association since 1920 and the oldest attorney publication in the Nordics. The annual award has been granted since 1988 to particularly high-level legal writings published in Defensor Legis.

The summary of the article is available here (in English). The full article is available here (in Swedish) and here (in Finnish).