Sonja Heiskala contributes to a book on the legal aspects of sick leave

Should the employee’s sick leave certificate show diagnostic information? What is the role of occupational health care in assessing work ability? When is an employee entitled to sick pay?

Sonja Heiskala, a Senior Associate in Avance’s IP & Technology team, recently co-authored a book “100 kysymystä sairauspoissaolojen juridiikasta” (Eng. “100 questions regarding the legal aspects of sick leave”) with Mari Mohsen, a Senior Associate in Roschier’s Employment team, and occupational health physician, M.D. Armi Saari, to offer practical solutions to prevent and resolve challenging issues related to sick leaves. The book, published by Alma Talent, addresses these matters from the perspective of employment law and data protection law, combined with the viewpoint of occupational health care practitioners. It also systematizes related terminology and definitions, and provides a practical introduction to the key legal sources related to the topic. Sonja’s contribution to the book is centered on the topics related to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and protection of privacy in the employment and healthcare contexts.

Read more on Alma Talent’s website here (in Finnish).