Pro Bono

We believe that the practice of law carries with it the responsibility to apply our skills for the benefit of the broader community. Throughout our careers, we have dedicated significant time to various non-profit organizations, pro bono legal counsel and community projects, and our firm strongly encourages such activities.

We believe that start-up companies and new ventures are essential to the future well-being of our economy. For us, simply acknowledging this is not enough. Our firm seeks to establish an active connection with the start-up community, and to that end, we make our attorneys and experience available to the start-up community for legal consultation and assistance.

We are proud of our work in advising on a pro bono basis several non-profits that work towards making a positive difference in the world and our society, including humanitarian organizations like Médecins Sans Frontières Finland (Lääkärit Ilman Rajoja ry) and SOS Children’s Villages Finland (SOS-Lapsikylä), as well as art foundations such as the Allan and Bo Hjelt Foundation.

By donating funds, we aim to contribute to community well-being and promote social and environmental initiatives. We make donations regularly and our established charitable beneficiaries are Médecins Sans Frontières, UNICEF, Hope ry and Baltic Sea Action Group.