Career StoriesOula Poikolainen

Oula Poikolainen

When I want to relax

I either enjoy a cup of coffee while listening to my favorite music or head into a sauna after taking a refreshing dip in icy waters.

My hobbies

My hobbies include cross-country skiing, roller skiing, running, working out, football, squash, reading, coffee brewing, painting, and an appreciation of the fine arts.

A weird fact about me

When I hit the dance floor, I channel my inner Travolta and break out some serious moves.

This is how I became a member of #avanceteam

With prior experience at two law firms during my studies, I sought a workplace that would provide me with greater professional challenges. Avance proved to be the ideal fit, attracting me with its exceptional background and offering the opportunity to be a part of and contribute to its success story.

Memorable moments during my career at Avance

I have experienced countless unforgettable moments with incredibly professional, dedicated, and fun colleagues, both during challenging projects and celebratory events. One of my most memorable moments was participating in the company marathon relay, where our team, Avanced Runners, secured a runner-up finish.

I enjoy my time at Avance because

We have a high team spirit. The work environment is positive and vibrant, which results in a high employee satisfaction and retention. Thanks to my amazing colleagues, I was warmly welcomed and seamlessly integrated into Team Avance from the beginning of my first traineeship.

I want to work with M&A at Avance because

I have the opportunity to work on a wide range of challenging assignments. Additionally, collaborating with a team of highly skilled individuals who are committed to delivering exceptional results is something that motivates me every day. Moreover, the culture of mutual support at Avance is exceptional, as everyone is eager to share their expertise and contribute to each other’s success. All of these factors combined make Avance the ideal place for me to grow as a professional.

My typical day at work

As an associate, my responsibilities include both routine daily tasks such as email correspondence and ad hoc duties, primarily focused on drafting and reviewing legal documents.

Some of my unusual days at work

My unusual workdays can be quite unique, ranging from attending conferences, participating in football tournaments, to enjoying fantastic Avance events.

Tips & tricks: how to succeed as an Associate at Avance

To succeed as an associate at Avance, it is essential to have a continuous drive to improve your skills and knowledge as a lawyer. Additionally, mastering strong MS Office skills, particularly Word, is a key factor in your success.

One word to describe Avance would be

Agile. I have always been impressed by the firm’s capability to course-correct and rethink approaches and procedures when necessary, all while maintaining a laser focus on delivering the best possible outcomes for our clients.